Annexes: Code API

Code Message Description
0 OPERATION_SUCCES Operation successfully completed
-1 OPERATION_ERROR Errors in the execution of the request
701 INVALID_CREDENTIALS Incorrect authentication settings
702 COULD_NOT_CREATE_TOKEN Unable to generate the token
703 INVALID_USER Merchant account is invalid
704 INVALID_PARAM The parameters sent are not correct
705 EXPIRED_TOKEN The token has expired
706 INVALID_TOKEN The token is invalid
707 CANT_REFRESH_TOKEN You must generate another token
708 NOT_ALLOWED You are not allowed to visit the link
709 EXECUTION_ERROR Errors in the execution of the request
710 EXECUTION_ERROR Errors in the execution of the request
715 UNEXPECTED_ERROR An unknown error has occurred
716 DATA_NOT_VALID An issued data is incorrect
717 ERROR_PHONE_NOT_PARTICULAR The phone number does not correspond to a specific valid CinetPay account
718 JSON_PARSE_ERROR The emitted JSON contains errors
719 AMOUNT_TOO_SMALL The amount must be greater than 200 XOF
720 AMOUNT_TOO_LARGE The amount must be less than à 1500000 XOF
721 OPERATOR_NOT_AVAILABLE The operator is not supported by CinetPay
602 INSUFFICIENT_BALANCE Your CinetPay transfer balance is insufficient to perform this operation
723 NOT_FOUND No results for this search
724 ERROR_PHONE_NOT_MY_CONTACT The phone number does not exist in the list of your CinetPay contacts
725 MISSING_NOTIFY_URL Vous devez mentionner une url de notification valide
726 ERROR_PHONE_ALREADY_MY_CONTACT You must mention a valid notification url
801 INVALID_AMOUNT The amount entered is invalid
802 INVALID_PHONE The telephone number entered is invalid
805 CLIENT_TRANSACTION_ID_EXIST Your transaction ID already exists on CinetPay

List of codes by country

Country Prefix Number of digits Operator Payment_method Number prefix Availability Airtime
Ivory Coast + 225 10 Orange OM 07 Available
Ivory Coast + 225 10 Moov FLOOZ 01 Available
Ivory Coast + 225 10 Mtn MOMO 05 Available