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Presentation of the module

1) Objective of the module

This tutorial is intended for all merchants who have subscribed to the CinetPay offer and relying on the WooCommerce platform with the WordPress CMS for the development of their ecommerce store. It describes step-by-step the integration of the payment module.

Avertissement : The compatibility of the cinetpay_woocommerce_3.0.0 .zip module is not guaranteed for WooCommerce versions prior to version 3.7.0

2) Module features

The payment module offers the following features:

  • Compatible with WooCommerce version 3.7.0 and above
  • Compatible only with classic checkout.
  • Systematic update of orders at the end of payment via a silent url (url of notification)
  • Multi currency compatible,
  • Possibility to activate module logs


The most common mistake is the notification URL. The notification URL is the only mechanism allowing the CinetPay platform to notify you of the end of the payment. Make sure that your customers fill in the information on the order form such as: email, address, city, country, state, postal address in order to pay by credit card.

Common mistakes:

  • If your WordPress store is under maintenance
  • If you have coded a .htaccess on the notification url
  • If you have blocked the IP addresses of the payment platform
  • If your store does not use ISO international currency codes
  • If debug mode is disabled on your store
  • If the country field is not available on the order form

Please check that your site is available or that your notification url is functional


Before proceeding with the integration of the payment module, please ensure that you have the following items:

  • Have a merchant account on:
  • Recover your APIKEY and your SITEID in your merchant account:
  • Payment module file:
  • WooCommerce installed and activated on your WordPress site


Before installing or updating this payment module, make sure that you have:

  • made a backup of your database

1) Update of the Module (for users with a version prior to 3.0.0)

To update the payment module, you must first deactivate and then delete the old version if you have any. Do not forget to note the parameters of your module before uninstalling it.

To deactivate the payment module, Go to Extensions / Installed Extensions:


Then click on delete to delete it


Then confirm by clicking on the "OK" button


2) Installation of the payment module

To install the payment module you have two possibilities:

  • Manual method After unzipping, the manual installation consists of copy the cinetpay_woocommerce_3.0.0 directory to / wp-content / plugins / by FTP.
  • Automatic method

The automatic installation consists of using the Wordpress Back Office. To do this, go to the “Extensions” menu then click on Add. Once the page appears, select "Upload an extension", click "Browse" and locate the file on your hard drive. Then click on [Upload an extension]:


Activate the extension after installing


3) Paramétrage du module de paiement

From the WordPress administration panel, go to WooCommerce / Settings:


Then click on Payments:


The configuration of the payment module is divided into 2 parts:

  • General configuration: Concerns the general configuration of the module
  • One-off payment: Allows you to activate and configure the payment. Go to "CinetPay - General Configuration"

Enter the information that corresponds to your merchant account


Now go to "CinetPay - Payment" and make sure it is activated


4) Choose the currency conversion option


Check the Payment Currency option to have your product converted and displayed in the currency of your customer's country.

Example : You have created a product that costs 10$, if your customer choose as country Cote d'Ivoire in the validation form, then the 10$ will be converted into FCFA and your customer will see the new amount converted on the payment window.

{danger.fa-close} If the currency of your store is not supported by CinetPay And that the box "Payment Currency" your customer will not be able to make a payment with CinetPay

5) Change the currency of the store

To change the currency of your store, go to your back office:

  • Access the general settings of woocommerce
  • you will find a currency option, select the currency that suits you and validate.
woocommerce woocommerce

Example of use

Example of an order of 100 FCFA, Here is the choice offered to the customer


Acquisition by the payment platform: If the customer clicks on "Buy", they will be redirected to the CinetPay payment page below:


The customer then chooses his means of payment and follows the instructions.

Note For Woocommerce +8.3

Starting with WooCommerce version 8.3, the Shopping Cart and Checkout blocks are the default for new installations. In this case, the module may not be displayed on the checkout page.

In order for your site to display the CinetPay option, you simply need to set the classic payment method, follow the instructions below to make this change:

1) Go to the page menu in your WordPress back-office, and click on the modify button on the order validation page.


2) At this stage, click on the payment option, on the right you'll see the block option and then on the change to classic order form button.

woocommerce woocommerce

3) Confirm your choice by clicking on the Switch button


4) Update the configuration!


5) Test the payment



To display the credit card payment option, the following fields are required:

  • Last Name
  • First name
  • Email address
  • Country of origin
  • Region/Department
  • City or Town
  • Zip code
  • Phone number

Error Status

Code Cause Solution
An error occurred while processing the request You did not enter the correct apikey Use apikey in your CinetPay back office
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() On the site (at the host) the PHP parameter "display_errors" is at "On". Deactivate the option and the warning message is no longer displayed.
"code": "608",
"description": "return_url must be a valid url",
Another installed plugin creates a malfunction with the CinetPay module Please identify and deactivate the module and try again!

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